We conducted a survey and asked the current teachers about their personal experiences and opinions about Thailand, living in Bangkok and working at KIS to give you a better understanding of what to expect. We also asked them about their personal highlights of things to do in Bangkok.

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Living in Thailand

In our staff survey we asked our current teachers about their experiences in and impressions of Thailand. As you will see, there are some answers that appear on the list of what we enjoy and love about Thailand as well as the list about challenges and frustrations. This illustrates how varied our personal experiences are and how each individual needs to find their own way to make expat life a positive and rewarding experience. By sharing our thoughts and impressions, we hope to assist you in mentally preparing yourself a little better about what to expect from your move to Thailand.

“As an expat living in Thailand, what do you like about Thailand, Thai culture etc?”

As an expat living in Thailand, what do you find challenging or frustrating to deal with?


Living in Bangkok

In our staff survey we asked our current teachers what they liked about living in Bangkok. Here are their responses (similar responses are grouped together):

And here are their answers to the question about what they don’t like about living in Bangkok:


Working at KIS

Here are the results from our staff survey about working at KIS:

“What is the best thing about KIS?”

“What do you enjoy the most about working at KIS?”


And here are our personal highlights of things to do:



Sightseeing / Trips

Restaurants / Bars / Clubs

Live Music and Dancing