At school you will have access to phone, fax and the internet. Opening times during school holidays are 9 am to 4 pm. Office staff will be happy to help you with accessing any of these.

Wifi at school: To access the wifi signal in school, you need to ask IT staff to set up your device (iPad or laptop etc.) once and issue your log in and password.

Important phone numbers:
School main number: 02 – 274 3444
School Fax: 02 – 274 3452

Phone: A mobile phone SIM card will be waiting for you as part of the welcome pack when you arrive at your apartment that school arranges for you. That way you will immediately have a local phone number and are able to make calls. The SIM cards are pre-paid cards and you can buy more credit at 7-11 convenience stores and later at ATM machines or online banking, once your bank account is open.
A number of teachers also have mobile phones you can borrow for the first few weeks if you do not own a mobile phone or if you are not sure if your phone from home (i.e. a locked iPhone) will work in Thailand. Please communicate with HR staff if you may wish to borrow a phone to begin with.

Internet: You will have access to internet at school and of course you want to get “hooked up” at home. You can buy dial-up Internet packages at 7-11 convenience stores. This will be useful until you can order broadband internet connection. Aircards are also available through any mobile phone operator.

Internet cafe near school: The closest internet cafe to school is near the back-gate of the “mooban” (the gated community KIS is located in) is in the car wash right next to the gate.

Wifi access near school: Near that back-gate is a cafe called Coffee Theory which has free Wifi access for customers and also has a computer to use in the cafe. It should be on the neighbourhood map that you will find when you arrive.

Your school email address: You will be issued with your school email address as part of orientation. Your school email will be your first name followed by In case of several teachers with the same name, your first name is followed by the initial of your family name.