So you are moving to Bangkok and you are dying to know where and how you are going to live, right?

To make it easier during the initial transition period, if you are coming from overseas we will find an apartment that is located close to school and support you as you find your way around and settle in (details in your contract) A welcome package with some essentials for your arrival and initial settling in will be in your apartment waiting for you.

The Apartments will be furnished, including bed(s), sofa, closets, dining table and chairs, TV, fridge, hot shower and air condition units. For these apartments you won’t have to commit to a one year contract, which works to your advantage, you can then decide if you wish to stay where you are, move, but still be in the neighborhood, or move further afield. These are decisions best made when you have settled in and experienced some of Bangkok. Should you wish to move to a different apartment or house you will discover that for most contracts you will have to commit to at least 12 months or will not get a refund of your deposit. Most new staff are housed at SP Mansions, this apartment building includes internet connections and provides a shuttle bus to and from school. You can check the building out by clicking here.


KIS is not far from the Thai Cultural Center or the Hway Kwang subway stations which are only 3/4 stops away from Sukhumvit (downtown). At Sukhumvit subway station you can transfer to the BTS (Sky Train). Living close to KIS simply makes the most sense for expatriates moving from overseas. You’ll be near school and also close to town.

There are many factors that influence the quality of life in Bangkok. One major aspect is the time spent traveling to and from work every day. While some teachers prefer to live in other areas of Bangkok (i.e. Sukhumvit / Thonglor) and are happy to have a longer commute, many prefer to live close to school and rather not deal with Bangkok’s traffic every day. A long commute through the heavy traffic has been one of the main complaints from past teachers about their experience of Bangkok.

Other international schools in Bangkok mandate their staff to live on campus or in provided housing close to school during their first year. We believe that choosing the right home is a personal decision. Should you wish to move to a different area or different type of accommodation, we believe you should only make that decision after you have familiarized yourself with Bangkok and understand the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen location.

Apartment buildings usually have a doorman, laundry service, cleaners etc. Some have a pool and / or gym. We make sure that we chose places where at least some English is spoken, so you can arrange for your laundry or the cleaner and communicate at least the basics. All of this will make your initial transition easier.

You will have to pay a one or two months deposit plus your first month’s rent when moving in and you’ll have to make arrangements to have those funds available. Please clarify the exact amount of the deposit and rent for your accommodation with the HR staff.

Housing Options and Rent

Rent for apartments in the neighborhood start at around 15,000-20,000 Baht for a one bedroom apartment and about 25,000-30,000 Baht for a two bedroom apartment. SP Mansions and Chatpirom place, both local, have a pool, laundry facilities, a cleaner, an English speaking Apartment Manager and a night time guard.

Athenee Suites is another local apartment building. Apartments here range between 11,500 Baht for a studio and 22,000 Baht for the largest one bedroom apartment. Athenee Suites only require a one month deposit if you rent on a monthly basis. However, the rent is lower for a three or a six months contract. For service and facilities, please visit their website. Athenee Suites are a 5-10 drive from Kesinee Ville. Right next to the building is a 24 hour Tesco Lotus express supermarket.

Two or three bedroom houses in the neighborhood around school do become regularly available. Many landlords simply hang a “For Rent” sign on the gate. You usually only find them by walking or driving around the streets. Most teachers pay around 20,000 -25,000 Baht for a house near school, however, they are usually unfurnished or only partly furnished and range widely in their quality.

There are plenty of options and in a wide variety of price ranges and quality. If you consider moving, it is best to take your time and shop around, talk to the staff about where they live and options that they may know about, above all don’t rush into any decisions, it can be hard, and sometimes impossible to get your deposit back if you decide you don’t like your choice.

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Things about the Kitchen

A big difference to western style homes is often the kitchen, or lack thereof. Thai apartments and even houses may not have a “proper kitchen” but a pantry with a work bench, sink and an electric hot plate or one or two gas rings. The gas is usually provided in a large bottle that needs to get changed when it’s empty. However, rest assured, you won’t have to get water from the well, there’ll be running water! It might only be cold though.

Thai food is cheap and many Thais (and foreigners living in Thailand) simply buy their meals at local restaurants or at street stalls. Traditional Thai dishes don’t require a western style stove or oven, hence there is no need for a “proper kitchen” in Thai society.

Apartments or houses with western style kitchens can be found but they tend to be more upscale, which translates to more expensive.