You will be given a mobile phone SIM card in your welcome pack once you arrive in Bangkok, so you will have your own phone number immediately. We can also make some mobile phones available for you to borrow until you get your own, if you would like. Please communicate with the HR department if you would like to borrow a mobile phone.

The mobile phone networks in Thailand are excellent and you can get a reception just about everywhere. Most teachers have a mobile phone and it seems a necessity for living in Bangkok. Calling from a mobile phone is cheap. New mobile phones cost from around 2,000 Baht up to tens of thousands of Baht, depending on how fancy you would like it to be. All major brand smartphones (i.e. Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) are widely available.

When receiving calls from overseas, you don’t get charged for incoming calls, as it is the case in some other countries. The biggest mobile phone networks are True, DTAC One-2-Call and AIS

Some people use pre-paid SIM cards initially as it’s very easy to recharge the credit. You can buy credit for any of the networks mentioned above at convenience stores such as 7-11 or Family Mart, at ATMs and through online banking. You can also set up a post-paid plan after you get your work permit.

Your apartment will have a landline phone which will cost about 100 Baht in monthly line rental plus the cost for your phone calls. Thailands main Telephone company is TOT

If you have internet set up at home, you can make cheap international calls through Skype or Yahoo!Voice

Quick facts
Thailand country code: +66
Bangkok area code: 02
Mobile phone numbers: start with 08
Calling from overseas: To call a Bangkok home phone, dial +662 and to call a Thai mobile phone dial +668.

Computers & internet

At KIS you will have access to computers and the internet in every internet1classroom, you will also have an iPad assigned to you too. The school buildings have wireless internet connections. It is easy to set up an internet connection in your home with True Online or 3BB . There are True shops in many supermarkets and malls. The nearest True shop is inside “Fortune Town”, a computer and IT mall not far from KIS. At True shops you can order internet service, satellite TV, mobile or home phone services and pay your bills. You can also ask someone in the Human Resource department to help you make a phone call to True to set up internet at your home.

Your KIS email address will be your first name followed by In case of several teachers with the same name, your first name is followed by the initial of your family name.

All major international computer brands are available in Thailand, however, you may not get the same level of customer service for some manufacturers as you may get at home. Acer, HP, Mac are very common and you’ll find repair services easily. There are several computer and IT malls in Bangkok. The most famous and probably also the largest one is Pantip Plaza. Fortune Town IT Mall is closer to KIS. It is located in the same building as a Tesco Lotus supermarket and the Fortune Hotel Bangkok. You can buy every kind of software both for Windows and Mac.If you have any specific questions regarding the software used at school or whether to bring something from your home country, please feel free to email a teaching colleague who will be happy to help you or put you in touch with our IT department.

Electricity in Thailand: 220V AC, 50 Hz, two pin plugs are standard