It is safe to use tap water for cooking and making tea or coffee in Bangkok, although not necessarily everywhere in Thailand. It is also easy to get drinking water delivered to your home or to get purified water in every neighborhood at vending machine type pumps. Some apartment buildings also have 18 liter water bottles in storage that you can get delivered to your apartment. You need to buy a dispenser for these large bottles. The dispensers usually cool the water and some have hot and cold water functions.

Bangkok has a number of world class medical facilities and it is easy to find doctors that have been trained in the US or UK. We encourage you to speak to staff that have been living in Thailand for a while to find a doctor that you will be comfortable with. While some prefer to use only the international accredited hospitals, others also recommend small clinics in their neighborhood that are often more convenient and can be just as good.

During your orientation program you will be taken to Praram 9 hospital for a medical check up because we need a medical certificate for your work permit. At that time you will receive a card with your hospital number and many teachers continue to use Praram 9 for routine medical check ups and as a substitute for their “family doctor”. It is not far and easy to get to from KIS.

Bumrungrad and Samitivej are two of the most famous internationally accredited hospitals. Others are Bangkok Hospital or BNH.

Asking for local or Asian brands when buying medicine may save you a lot of money as the international known brands are often several times more expensive than locally produced medicine that may have a different name but contain the same ingredients. Many prescription medications from home are available over the counter here, this can be good in emergencies but don’t fall into the trap of being your own doctor!

Check with your doctor before you come if you are on medication for availability here in Bangkok and also regarding vaccinations. Although vaccinations are not required for the city or for school if you wish to travel into remote areas you might want to check the requirements.

Dental Care

Dental work is relatively cheap in Thailand compared to the in the west. The major hospitals listed above all have dental clinics. It is possible to “walk off the street” and see a doctor fairly quickly in the hospitals. However, booking ahead is advised for a dentist.

Staying Healthy-Some do’s and don’t s

If you have never lived in another country before, it’s probably better to be cautious, at least while you’re settling in: